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The world’s leading companies and consulting groups partner with Oitchau to bring effortless Time Management to their tech stack and unlock meaningful value for enterprises of all sizes.

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Feita para quem busca uma solução prática para calcular quanto custa um colaborador para a empresa.

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Approval is fast and easy. Simply fill out the registration form and we will reply to you,  usually within 1 business day. 

What type of commission models can I expect?

We  work  on  a  CPA  commission model – and we pay a lot.  Had something else in mind? We  are open  to  discussing other commission models.

How often do I get paid?

Net 30 days.

What payment methods do you support?

Payouts are being carried via wire transfer or ACH.

Which click is counted towards a purchase?

We follow a simple ‘last click’ attribution model. This policy attributes the conversion to the last affiliate source a visitor came through.

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